Monday, December 10, 2007

An An & Sofie (Kai Kai) Meet Again

Hello Everyone,

Today Ruthie met her best friend, Sofie (Kai Kai) again for the first time in a year. Sofie was in the orphanage with Ruthie and was adopted by my sister and her family last December. We heard lots of things about Ruthie from Sofie, who was so excited to see her again.

The girls were a little shy at first, but that soon passed. They started playing "Go Fish" and that broke the ice. They converse both in Chinese & English. They have been hanging out all afternoon, jumping on the trampoline, playing video games, etc. They look so happy together. I had been looking forward to this day since we first decided to adopt Ruthie back in late January.

This evening, we were on our way to my mother's house for dinner and I had Sofie (Kai Kai) in the backseat of my car along with Ruthie. I asked Sofie if she would tell Ruthie that we were going to their grandmother's house. I assumed that she would tell Ruthie in Chinese. Well, she turned to Ruthie and said in English "We are going to Grandma's house". Too funny! So, I thanked Sofie and then proceeded to tell Ruthie the same thing, but in Chinese.

Ruthie continues to do very well. She is calling Todd "Daddy" and she calls me "Mommy", which is interesting because none of my other kids call me "Mommy". I love it that she calls me that. She is adjusting very well. She and Todd went to sign her up for her drawing lessons at the Chinese school, which will start in January. The class is held both in Chinese & English since the kids speak one or the other language.

She passed by our local elementary school with Todd, who told her in Chinese that that will be her school. She was excited to be going to school soon. She will start school once the Christmas break is over. Her English is growing and hopefully by then, she will be a little further along which will help with her school.

Well, I need to get going now. I will post more later.

Thank you for your prayers and support.



alison said...

What an awesome reunion!!! How great for the girls to have each other now for the rest of their lives. I enjoyed following your journey.
mom to our sweet Chenzhou son
Zhi Qiang
aka Paul

Grace said...

What darling pictures of An An and Sofie!

It has been such a pleasure seeing An An interact with our family this past week. I am amazed and so grateful that she is so comfortable and is doing so well here. Love,

Tina said...

How great it is to see the 2 Chenzhou girls together again! Oh, how excited we are getting to see everyone next summer in Colorado! We loved following your journey. YuMei seemed to re-live her adoption through your trip.


Anysia said...

Hey, it's Anysia

What drawing school did Anan sign up for? I would love to go with her.

Anan and Sofie look so cute, by the way.